Cybersecurity Salary Guide: How Much Can You Earn?

They oversee system configurations, ensuring reliable performance and troubleshooting issues as they arise. You can find a full state-by-state breakdown and comparisons to related jobs in the field of Information Technology (IT) below. Cybercrime is an ever-growing threat to private businesses, public organizations, government agencies, and departments. You must also be adept at risk management, incident response, threat intelligence, security strategy, and technology access management. Technical writers in cybersecurity are in charge of developing strategy plans, security policies, manuals, etc. For both internal and external audiences, these plans must translate and convey the complicated idea of cybersecurity in straightforward terms.

Amidst the architectural marvels, Chicago’s cybersecurity landscape thrives, offering a wide range of opportunities for professionals seeking impactful careers. A degree is not always required for a cybersecurity career, but it is a strong option. According to a survey by ISC2, an international nonprofit information security organization, about 62% of cybersecurity professionals earned a bachelor’s degree before entering the field. You can start your career transformation journey with a strategic mix of these hands-on cybersecurity bootcamps, online courses, and certifications. As you chart your cybersecurity career path in Chicago, be attuned to future trends that shape the industry. The increasing prevalence of IoT, cloud security challenges, and the evolution of AI in cyber threats present continuous learning opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions for Cyber Security

Cyber security specialists earn the highest average salary in Washington, Utah, Oregon, New York, and North Carolina. These meetup gatherings provide a platform to discuss challenges, share experiences, and stay updated on the latest industry developments. Active participation in meetups fosters meaningful connections within Chicago’s vibrant cybersecurity community, contributing to your long-term career growth. IT support specialists address and resolve IT-related issues within organizations.

how much does cyber security specialist make

A penetration tester (ethical hacker) can earn an average salary of $85,653. A cybersecurity analyst or manager is in charge of protecting the confidentiality and integrity of data, whether in storage or transit. Information security professionals help protect devices, networks, and data from malicious activity or cyberattacks.

Average cyber security specialist salary over time

They work with application development teams and project management to ensure data security is ensured at all times throughout the development. If you’re eager to launch your cybersecurity career path, consider the quality and rigor of cybersecurity bootcamps in Atlanta. The Emory Cybersecurity Bootcamp, how to become a security specialist powered by Fullstack Academy, offers immersive learning over weeks online. The program helps you to gain the skills required to enter the cyber industry and unlock the attractive cybersecurity salaries in Atlanta. Chicago, a city with its iconic skyline, stands as a testament to progress and innovation.

how much does cyber security specialist make

$135,898 is the average annual salary for computer network architects who work with computer networks. The average salary for a CISO position is $234,025, and the range is $204,354 to $270,272. Penetration Testers use a variety of tools and conduct tests across security networks before reporting back on vulnerabilities that could be exploited by less well-intentioned hackers. Also known as Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers try to hack into a company’s network with the company’s consent. A system that’s secure today can easily become vulnerable in just a few months, so companies have Penetration Testers conduct security tests quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even daily. You can dig deep into CyberSeek’s data for any of the top 10 job titles and discover what education level is most common for your dream job.

Information Security Managers

Demand for cybersecurity experts is high, and the time it takes to become a cybersecurity engineer may vary. Expect to spend several years completing an education and gaining experience in the field before landing a cybersecurity engineering job. If you’re wondering how to get into cybersecurity, remember that this is a highly technical field requiring a background in computer networks, coding and programming, and encryption, among others. A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity or computer science can provide a solid foundation in these subjects.

Cybersecurity roles take 21% longer to fill than other types of jobs on average. Your first step towards growing this potentially lucrative career path is getting educated. Our program is designed to help you find your career pathway in cybersecurity and find success right from the start. Hackers make attacks extremely difficult to detect, so a software security engineer must pay close attention to data and systems to identify any such incidents. AI helps security professionals understand the network and identify abnormal activity.

Download the free report now and discover how you can reach new heights in your career. Finally, perhaps one of Cybersecurity’s greatest selling points is that it is one of several careers that makes a difference in the world. As a cybersec professional, you are working to protect people’s data and maybe even their lives.

  • Cyber security specialists earn the highest average salary in Washington, Utah, Oregon, New York, and North Carolina.
  • Beyond the many entry-level and intermediate cybersecurity positions, the role of cybersecurity engineer is near the top of the career ladder.
  • What this means for you is that you can increase your chances by taking opportunities that could boost your experience even while schooling.
  • Essentially, they use underhanded methods to provide organizations with valuable data that helps in boosting the security infrastructure.
  • Of course, programmers, web developers, software engineers, or those with a computer science background will find that most of their technical knowledge is easily transferable to this domain.
  • Here are six high-earning jobs in the cybersecurity industry and the salary you can expect to make in each position.

Start by taking inventory of your transferable technical skills and make note of the skills you’d like to learn to land a job in cybersecurity. If you already have some technical skills under your belt, the first step is discovering how your knowledge transfers to the cybersecurity field. For example, if you understand code, you’ll be able to identify and protect against malicious code.

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