MVC Framework Tutorial for Beginners: What is, Architecture & Example

With a passion for continuous learning, I integrate the latest software patterns to ensure the codebase remains at the industry’s cutting edge. Now within the view function, we grab data from the database and perform some basic logic. This returns a list, which we assign to the variable entries, that is accessible within the index.html template.

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Several web frameworks have been created that enforce the pattern. Over the last few years, websites have shifted from simple HTML pages with a bit of CSS to incredibly complex applications with thousands of developers working on them at the same time. To work with these complex web applications developers use different design patterns to lay out their projects, to make the code less complex and easier to work with. The most popular of these patterns is MVC also known as Model View Controller. Model View Controller is a predictable software design pattern that can be used across many frameworks with many programming languages, commonly Python, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and more.

Resources to Hire ASP.NET MVC Developers

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  • MVC is a way to organize your code’s core functions into their own, neatly organized boxes.
  • Each architecture component is built to handle specific development aspect of an application.
  • The professional I got to work with was on the phone with me within a couple of hours.
  • You’re ten years old, sitting on your family room floor, and in front of you is a big bucket of Legos.
  • The model-view-controller pattern has become a widely used architecture pattern for making web applications and other software products.
  • In other cases, the model can send data directly to the view.

Toptal is a marketplace for top ASP.NET MVC developers, engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. Top companies and startups choose Toptal ASP.NET MVC freelancers for their mission-critical software projects. In many cases, the model communicates with the controller to send data to the view (user interface).

Those building blocks are known as models…

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That controller would then request the model that handles students to return a list of all students studying in a class. The MVC architecture pattern turns complex application development into a much more manageable process. It allows several developers to simultaneously work on the application. This blog post defines the concept of a Model-View-Controller (MVC) software design pattern and does a basic example Model-View-Controller in JavaScript/HTML/CSS. Ken has over 20 years of experience as an independent contractor providing application development services to his customers.


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In many cases, the view never interacts directly with the model – the controller performs that function. For instance, let’s imagine you’re creating a To-do list app. This app will let users create tasks and organize them into lists.

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Both views have two critical functions that define what each view wants to initialize and render. The MVC pattern helps you break up the frontend and backend code into separate components. This way, it’s much easier to manage and make changes to either side without them interfering with each other. Developers can modify one of the pieces, and the other 2 pieces should keep working and not require modifications.

Modern web applications are very complex, and making a change can sometimes be a big headache. JavaScript has grown in popularity, and it’s taken over how to become a .net mvc developer the backend in recent years. More and more full-blown JavaScript applications have opted for the MVC architecture pattern in one way or another.

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