Vicodin Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, & Treatment

This analgesic is most often used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain but is also indicated for a cough as it acts as an antitussive (i.e., cough suppressant). Since hydrocodone is an opioid, it has very acute addiction potential. Because hydrocodone is an opioid, some users may become dependent on Vicodin.

  • For this reason, in March 2014, the FDA announced that all manufacturers have ceased marketing products with more than 325 mg of Acetaminophen.
  • If you find yourself taking hydrocodone for longer than prescribed or taking it in larger doses despite any negative consequences, you may have an addiction.
  • Considering Vicodin is one of the most addictive painkillers, the risk of an addiction developing is high.
  • For this reason, there is a general recommendation that individuals who are seeking recovery undergo medical detox or substitution therapy.
  • This means you have to take increasingly larger amounts to achieve the same effect.

This caused doctors to prescribe them at higher rates than before. Over time, medical professionals became aware that the abuse of prescription and nonprescription vicodin addiction opioids was becoming a larger problem. At this point, reducing one’s intake or quitting the drug may cause withdrawal symptoms in some people.

Treatment for Vicodin Withdrawal

Although some people may experience depression or other uncomfortable effects, withdrawal symptoms are generally not life-threatening. 1 But it’s usually best to consult with a physician or seek help from a treatment center to make your journey to recovery easier, safer, and more successful. If you find yourself having difficulty during your taper, support from others can be very helpful.

vicodin addiction

Most people believe they can ease themselves off the drug on their own, but this is not the safest way to clear the body of Vicodin. The Recovery Village can give people the opportunity to treat a Vicodin addiction immediately when symptoms appear. Like Osbourne, the proper treatment tools can make all the difference when obtaining a drug-free life.

Vicodin Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) & Risk Factors

By Ayesha Gulzar, PharmD

Ayesha Gulzar is a clinical pharmacist interested in medical research, pharmacy practice, and medication therapy management. Dr. Gulzar has been working in medical communications, writing medical and clinical research for patients and health professionals in the United Kingdom. Your healthcare provider may prescribe a specific dose depending on your needs. Although opioids can effectively relieve pain, they carry some risks and can be highly addictive. The risk of addiction is exceptionally high when opioids are used to manage chronic pain over a long period. It’s painful and scary when someone you love has a substance abuse problem.

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